Defenders of the title leaders in four strongest leagues!

Because of the CONVID-19 pandemic practically all sport events in Europe are stopped, so are the competitions in five strongest football leagues as well. With a difference of few rounds everybody played almost 2/3 of the championship and all is interrupted now when unraveling should have started and now when everything should be the most exciting.  In some leagues, such as English Premier League, or French Ligue 1 there is almost no uncertainty about who will be the champion, but everything is completely open when it comes to entering Europe scene or surviving in first division. In German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A, practically everything is unknown so the finishing in these championships were very much eagerly awaited. Below we bring you the cross section of the situation in five best football leagues before season was stopped and what we might expect as the season continues, which we hope will follow.

Premier League: Liverpool one step up to the title

The strongest football league in the World didn’t bring expected uncertainty when it comes to the champion title because Liverpool is dominant and in 29 played matches, they only lost one and had only one tie. Their biggest rival Manchester City couldn’t keep up with all that and they already have seven defeats, so they have even 25 points less, with one match less than Liverpool. This practically means that Reds need only two more victories from remaining nine rounds to confirm winning the champion title. Fans of the club from the Anfield haven’t took well the idea that the championship might be repealed if there is no possibility for season to be continued because they are waiting for this title for 30 years now. Man. City failed and they are now turning to the Champions League and the most pleasant surprise is Leicester who will try to hold on to the position that leads them to the Champions League. Other giants have also failed, and the interruption of the championship came in very bad moment for Manchester United, who was getting in better shape and getting closer to the fourth position which, with a lot of oscillations is held by Chelsea. Tottenham and Arsenal were showing mediocre plays and will probably get only to the fight for the Europa League, altogether with Wolverhampton, and big surprise, new first division member Sheffield United. Fight for a survival will certainly be very interesting with Norwich in very bad situation and will hardly remain with first division elite in their comeback season. Two more team who should play the for the Championship should be sought among Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Watford, West Ham and Brighton.

Bundesliga: Bayern is leader, but three teams are threatening

Only in the second part of the season have actual champion Bayern started to play according to their reputation and with a line of good results they managed to come back at the leading position at the Bundesliga right on the eve of the interruption of the championship. They are followed by their biggest rival, Borussia from Dortmund with four points less, but most of the time it wasn’t like that because Leipzig was also threatening, even Borussia from M'gladbach, and they are now one, or two pints behind team from Dortmund. Leipzig also playing the Champions League so this takes off a lot of their energy, and both Borussia are without European commitments until the end and this might be their advantage, same as the fact that they both dropped from the Cup. Bayer Leverkusen is getting closer, they also are getting batter as the season goes on, so they do have a right to hope for the placement in the Champions League. These are also going to be five certain representatives for Germany in European competitions because all others are far behind and all they have left is a fight for remaining positions in the Europa League, probably between Schalke, Wolfsburg, Freiburg and Hoffenheim. Paderborn is likely to return expressly to the second division, also Werder, who is a big disappointment, is in very bad situation, and Fortuna Dusseldorf is currently in the position for the relegation. Few other teams are also endangered, starting with another disappointment Eintracht Frankfurt, same as Hertha, Augsburg and Mainz.

La Liga: Dead race between Barcelona and Real for the title of the champion, Atletico disappointed

Nothing new is happening in the La Liga, as usual, Barcelona and Real Madrid are fighting for the champion title. During some earlier season Atletico Madrid used to join them in this fight, same was expected this season as well but they totally failed, and they are at only sixth position and even their placement at the Champions League is questionable. In before mentioned fight for the title Barcelona have two pints more than Real and everything is completely open, as well as in the fight for two remaining positions that lead to the Champions League. Sevilla, Real Sociedad, Getafe, Atletico and Valencia are all behind with only five points less. These are also probably members of European competitions, and those who will left for lower divisions will be determined only after remaining 11 rounds are played, of course if that even happen. The most endangered is Espanyol and they are the biggest unpleasant surprise. In the relegation zone there are also Leganes and Mallorca, but Celta, Eibar and Valladolid are also not far behind and in big trouble. Along with Italy, Spain is the most affected by COVID-19, so continuation of this season is in big question.

Serie A: Lazio is a dangerous threat to the otherwise untouchable Juventus, Napoli and Milan failed

We are used to Juventus dominating Italian football and for previous eight season the champion loving cup ended up in showcase of the “Old lady” from Torino. This was mostly very convincing winning of the champion title and far before the end of the season, however, this time situation is a bit different. Juventus is leading but only with one point more than the most pleasant surprise Lazio, team that plays amazingly this season. For a long time Inter also was a threat for Juventus, and they were also leading on the table, however, their form got worsen and they will hardly get back in the fight for Scudetto. Placement to the Champions League should not be a problem for Inter, and Atalanta has good chances here, they play attractive, offensive and efficient football this season. Roma is threatening, playing very variably, but they do hold fifth position, while there is Napoli behind them, as big disappointment, together with Milan, who once again couldn’t manage to step up. There are also two pleasant surprises in the fight for the Europe League, first Hellas Verona, but also Parma. When it comes to the fight for a survival it is pretty certain that there is no salvation for Brescia and SPAL, and we are now waiting for another one to get to the Serie B. Lecce stands worse, but with low number of points Udinese, Torino, Sampdoria and Genoa are pretty close as well. Considering that now Italy is the most effected country with COVID-19 it is a big question how is continuing of the championship look like, if there is one in the first place.

Ligue 1: PSG confirmed their dominance, Olympique Marseille coming back to the Champions League

Even though they already lost three matches and have two draws this season, PSG will defend their champion of France title, because simply put they do not have worthy rival. During previous season Parisians they knew how to be even better but bow what they show now is going to be enough considering that they have 12 points more than Olympique Marseille. Team from Velodrome still have no reasons to not be satisfied because they are secure at the second position, which means we are going to watch them in the Champions League next season. Rennes and Lille are at third and fourth position with a not small advantage in points compared to following teams so here we have secured French competitors in European competitions. Other teams will be decided after competitions in the Cup and the League Cup, and if among those are some of above mentioned four teams, then some new positions are going to open and there might be big fights. In their fight for survival Toulouse is written off, it is going to be hard for Amiens, and Nimes also, and it is going to be very hard time for famous Saint-Etienne and Dijon.

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