Sportsbetting Picks and Tips for Today and Tomorrow

If you are looking for good sports betting picks for today or tomorrow, you are at the right place here at Our team daily analyse various sport events from different leagues. The emphasis is on football, although besides daily forecasts and picks for the most popular sport in Europe we prepare tips for tennis, basketball, handball, ice hockey and Esports. Regarding football we mostly cover the Bundesliga, Champions League, Europa League and English Premier League. Besides these, our analyses cover other best European leagues from Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Turkey, Belgium, the Netherlands, scandinavian football, South America leagues, World Championship and many other countries. Tennis texts cover major international tournaments and final phases of regional tournaments. At our site you can always find at least one outcome forecast that is combined with currently highest odds for that sport event.

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Latest Picks

At our site you can always find the newest picks wrote by true professionals. Of course, it is not simple to find newest and most interesting bets with winning picks but our team excels right in that. Come to world of sports betting and find the right pick for you at our site.

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Betting Picks for Today

Betting Tips on Thursday, 29.07.2021

⚽ Conference League at 20:00AEK Athens – Velez Mostarüber 2,5 Tore [email protected]
Tip Explanation
⚽ Conference League at 20:30Aris – FC AstanaAHC 0 Astana [email protected]
Tip Explanation
⚽ Conference League at 20:45Maribor – Hammarbyüber 2,5 Tore [email protected]
Tip Explanation
⚽ Conference League at 21:00NK Osijek – Pogon Szczecinunter 2,5 Tore [email protected]
Tip Explanation

Betting Picks for Tomorrow

Betting Tips on Friday, 30.07.2021
⚽ 2. Bundesliga at 18:30Karlsruher SC – Darmstadt 98Karlsruhe wins [email protected]
Tip Explanation
⚽ 2. Bundesliga at 18:30Paderborn 07 – 1. FC NurnbergAHC 0 Nurnberg [email protected]
Tip Explanation
⚽ RUS Premier League at 18:00Arsenal Tula – Rubin KazanRubin wins [email protected]
Tip Explanation
⚽ RUS Premier League at 18:00KS Samara – Spartak MoscowSpartak wins [email protected]
Tip Explanation
⚽ Jupiler Pro League at 20:45KRC Genk – KV Oostendeboth teams to score [email protected]
Tip Explanation
New betting picks for tomorrow are going online 11:00-15:00.

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Right Strategy for Successful Betting

If you are looking for today and tomorrow’s picks you are at the right address. We daily prepare detailed picks where our aim is to maximise winnings. It is hard to describe good pick; we often hear that attractive odds is the key and we often bet using lower odds and win – but in this case you should forget higher winnings.

The most important: our mission is not only to help our readers to win a bet but also to make nice profit. The profit is no. 1; most of us don’t bet just to prove they are right but to make money. Players customarily bet in similar sums, and based on won and lost bets we can calculate the profit.

In the long run any profit better than 10% is statistically good. But those 10% cannot be achieved overnight and with help from our advices and tips our readers will not wait for long to improve their statistics. With our tips you are definitely on the right path toward successful betting.

Avoid Combo Bets

The first advice for our readers – avoid combo bets. This type of bet is the most common but it is rarely won. Due to higher potential profit combo bets are always attractive but risks tend to be underestimated.

Combo bets are calculated in the following way: all odds on the slip are multiplied and that gives the total odds. Here is the example:

You have opted for four selections with individual odds of 1.50, 1.85, 1.90 and 2.00. Multiplied together these odds give total odd of 10.545, which is of course attractive. It is often that one more selection is added whose individual odds of 1.70 and that raises the total odd to 17.92. Such high odds will rarely leave anyone indifferent.

But you shouldn’t forget the following: higher the odds – lower chances to win. If a player had made a combo bet with five selections and he won four and but lost one selection, the stake is lost. Our advice is if you opt for combo bet than use maximally two selections. We would always opt for individual bets as it is far more likely to make profit with five single bets than one combo using the same selections.

If you chose individual bets it is not recommendable to bet event with low odds, or to always bet on favourites. In these cases we again have low odds.

Of course, players might play sometime a combination, just to try their luck. We don’t forget devoted fans of combo bets and we have detailed examined this type of bets.

Money Management

If you want to make long term profit you money management must be appropriate. Professionals would guess immediately what we are talking about. Clearly, money management is very important in world of sports betting.

Before you lay a bet you should determine how much money you have for this purpose. The rule of thumb is to not put more than 3% – 5% of the overall betting capital on one bet. Only in that way you will avoid losing the entire betting sum. Besides, each player should be maximally disciplined. After losing bet you shouldn’t rush and bet on the first available event, just in order to recover lost stake. Some players even double or quadruple stake after losing bet, and that is exactly what you shouldn’t do.

Exemption from the rule are various promotions that require fulfilling certain conditions in the given time period. In those cased stakes can be higher and players don’t have to stick with above-mentioned rule.

Odds Quality

When we talk about odds quality we should use term value. It means that value of odds is what counts. In other words, you should find odds that is too high compared to possibility of its realisation. It doesn’t matter how high the odds is, it is irrelevant is 1.70 or 4.50. What is important is what we have just said.

Winning odds should be, in our opinion, always higher than 1.50. In each match there is a favourite and outsider and the odds is always higher for victory of the outsider since most players will bet on the favourite. If players guess better probability than bookmakers it is called Value Bet.

Suggestion: Under/over bets are attractive here. Each player hopes for good and efficient duel and under-bets often have better value than over-bets.

Money Management

There is no optimal number of bookmakers or in other words there is no explicit answer on this question. It is recommendable to open accounts with several bookmakers as only in that way you can compare odds. In this way profit can increase for 5% and more. Every bookmaker has its advantages and it doesn’t always offer the most attractive odds. Some bookmakers have smaller profit margins and higher limits, which is also attractive.