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Our Betting-Portal Betting-Preview is since several years on the betting market. We are trying to provide our users help with betting-tips and choice of the right bookmaker. We are providing daily betting picks with analysis and much more interesting things from the world of sports betting, like detailed analysis of bookmakers, bonus-news and some helpful tools for better betting.

In our independent bookmaker comparison, you can find out where are strong and weak points of each tested bookmaker. In our bookmaker Top 10 you can get the quick look about sign-up offers. When you make quick decision which bookmaker has the best sign-up offer for you than you can directly click on the sign-up button. But when you want more info about your favourite bookmaker than you can read more about every bookmaker in our detailed review.

Below Top Bookmaker-list you can read how are we testing bookmakers


Best Online Bookmakers 2023

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betwayOne of First European Bookmakers
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Wide Variety of Football Bets
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netbetWide Choice of Bets
Many Over/Under Bets
Strong Offer of Asian Handicap
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intertopsLong Lasting Tradition
Very Simple Webpage
Excellent Welcome Bonus
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pinnacleExcellent Odds
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10betHuge Offer of Bets
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Betting Picks & Betting News

Our betting picks are written from real betting experts and they are free of charge. Our team of betting-experts is collecting important information about many teams and players. At the end of analysis, we are suggesting a betting pick with the best odd for analysed sport event.

Those betting picks are helping every day our readers to make decision what to bet. Our goal is to provide important info and the best betting pick to our betting community.

Sign Up Offer or Welcome Bonus

When new players choose bookmaker they mostly pay attention to the welcome bonus that is offered by each and every bookie. We agree it is one of most important criteria but it is not the decisive one. We all want that a bookmaker treat us with one of several bonuses and to try our luck and knowledge with a sum of “given” money for which we won’t be sorry if we lose it.

So, regarding bonuses that bookmakers use to reward new players we can say there are three main groups:

Bookmaker Test Criteria

Large interest of our readers has encouraged us to explain in detail some of the most important criteria that define world’s best bookmakers, and by that separate them from mediocre or shoddy ones. Right at the start we should stress that large number of these criteria is of subjective nature but there are those who are pure math and couldn’t affect opinion of us who reviewed their quality in any other way, just like it is the case with players who have different experiences.

We tried to be maximally objective in all our tests and to outline all good and bad things of each bookmaker. We have to admit it wasn’t always easy as some data were quite inaccessible, which was especially pronounced when bookmaker was one of newly established. Analysis of all what can be found in modern online bookmaker would be too long and boring to read for all those who might find time to go through it. That is why we have tried to optimise the information volume to degree that provides sufficient data to those who enter world of online gambling for the first time and avoid being too broad and cover every single part of online bookmaker modus operandi that may and may not interest everyone.

We had to take all these facts into consideration when we wrote reviews as we have to admit we are all a bit lazy when we need to read a longer text, although in this case it is recommendable, and especially so for new players who just entered the world of online gambling.

While going through reviews you will notice that large number of parameters depend exclusively on yourself. That is why certain remarks or comments are subjective as we don’t have the same preference about aesthetic impression, organisation of functions or practicality. The best example of this is fact that within our team that has years of experiences in sports betting we have different opinions which bookmaker is the best. The reason is that each of us has criteria that deem the most important and besides, betting strategies that each of us prefers do have impact on choosing our favourite bookmaker.

Sign Up Offer or Welcome Bonus

  • Welcome bonus for new players
  • Free bets for new players up to certain sum
  • Reload bonus on deposits madeafter the initial one

Welcome Bonus for New Players

This type of bonus has become a norm for majority of online bookmakers. With welcome bonus the bookmaker gives certain sum of money to all new players after they made the first deposit and it usually takes form in 100% up to €100. It means the bookmaker will double your deposit up to €100. If you for example make deposit of €50 on your account you will get another €50 from the bookmaker in form of bonus. It is often a case that is necessary to type in a certain code while registering in order to activate the welcome bonus.

We must say we got complains from players that bookmaker don’t want to transfer them the welcome bonus, but it turns out later on they are not actually new player and as such they are not entitled to the welcome bonus. So, we will say once again, this bonus is meant exclusively for players who haven’t previously had an account with the bookmaker in question.

In order for bonus to get transferred on your account it is necessary to fulfil criteria that each bookmaker has. We are of opinion that this part is far more important for evaluation of welcome bonus and we will explain why. Unfortunately, majority of players pay attention only to bonus value and don’t give a damn about wagering requirements that must be met in order to withdraw the bonus and related winnings. Bonus must be turned over several times on bets with odds bigger than minimally set. Better bookmakers have lest strict criteria and the wagering requirements is to turn over the bonus 5-6 times with minimal odds of 1.50.

Free Bets for New Players

This is the second most frequent and popular bonus. In its essence new players get free bets, mostly in value of the first deposit. When we tested bookmakers we paid attention on limitations related for this bonus i.e. are they any limitations related to specific sport events, type of bets and value of minimal odds. There are plenty of similarities between classic welcome bonus and this one, while their popularity depends from choices that players had made and their betting strategies.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonus has been invented with an objective to stimulate players to make deposit again and again, in essence it rewards loyalty. The bonus comes in different values s but it is usually tied to the deposit amount.  It is very important to stress that is meant for existing customers and is usually not bound by special wagering conditions. It can be used in any moment for any available bet.

As you can see there is large number of parameters that should be taken into consideration and it is up to you to choose one that is the most suitable to your betting strategy.

You should pay attention on:

  1. Bonus value
  2. Wagering requirements
  3. Time limitations for fulfilling wagering requirements and withdrawal
  4. Is the bonus limited for certain countries only?
  5. Minimum and maximum sum for getting bonus

Odd Quality

Next parameter that has significant influence on total mark for individual bookmaker is odds. By many this is far more important criterion than the welcome bonus as in the long term your interest is to bet with bookmaker that gives higher odds and by that give you better chance to make higher profit. With this subject we have to touch difference between recreational and professional players, who have different perception of odds.

Professional player logs in to his account already having needed information and has his betting tactic ready in advance. That is why it is very important for him to time spent on preparations be rewarded with appropriate odds, as such person is there just because of profit and not fun.

That is why besides odds value attention is paid on type of odds (decimal or fractional) and profit margin.

Profit margin is what bookmakers earn regardless of outcome of a sport event. If bookmakers has smaller profit margin, it is logically in position to offer higher odds.

Most of famous and reputable bookmakers have profit margin of circa 5% but large number of new bookmakers which appeared recently has very low profit margin that goes down to 1.2%.

Regarding odds it is inevitable to mention betting strategy called safe betting. Of course, this is not about infamous tips about fixed matches as it is usually perceived but about possibility to create a bet with guaranteed winnings due to variable odds that vary from bookie to bookie for the single sport event.

That is the main reason why it is good to have accounts at multiple bookmakers. You can find in our match previews recommended bookmakers which offer the best odds at the given moment. Odds values are of dynamic nature and are frequently changed, and once you visit the bookmaker’s site it is possible to find different value than we had listed in our preview. We will go in detail through match previews later on as there is small number of readers who perceived them in a wrong way.

Betting Offer

Offer criterion is on par with the previous one. Each player wants that the bookmaker he has chosen has the biggest number of sport events on which he can bet. These days almost all bookmakers fulfil this criterion both in variety and number of sports.

In a way it has become a norm but additional options available for the selected sport event make a huge difference. Most betting strategies are based on additional options like over/under or halftime/end are. It is very important that a bookmaker has wide variety of available betting options on number of goals of Asian handicap. Number of disciplinary cards or corner shots is becoming more and more popular option for betting, as statistics plays a very important role in world of professional bettor.

Europeans mostly prefer football and tennis as basic sports for betting. Popularity of other sports has increased recently, especially those coming from North America: NBANHL and MLB.

Live Betting

Modern online bookmaker cannot be imagined without live betting. It became a standard in a way that no company in this business can be taken seriously without it. This type of bets gives higher chance to bet profitably and professional bettors were the first to understand it. They earn significant sums using right this type of betting. You were often in position to conclude after first couple of minutes how the match will unfold, and that is exactly what gives you chance to make a smart bet.

It should be taken into consideration does the bookmaker offer live-streams as it makes job significantly easier to the player. If the bookmaker doesn’t offer live streaming than minimal criteria besides fast refreshing of odds is to offer adequate live-statistic or graphic display of what is going on at the pitch/court.

Graphic layout is very important for this segment of the offer as decisions are made very quickly and webpage organisation and its visual arrangement should be at adequate level.


Bookmaker reliability is very important because of many reasons. It should be more important to players does the bookie have good protection of personal data or money transactions than value of offered odds.

Each and every player wants that information about above-mentioned matters stay secret and tightly guarded. SSL encryption plays a prominent role in securing information in online communication.

We should add that legislation which regulates bookmakers operation is ambiguous. With time an opinion has established that good licenses are those issued in Malta or Gibraltar. Those are more or less accepted standards although not everything is clear here. Germany is one of better regulated markets and if a bookmaker has license to operate in this country we can considered it reliable.

Reliability can be seen through how a bookmaker handles deposits and withdrawals. That is why is important to have account at a bookmaker with long tradition, as it has invested lot of time and money to earn his reputation. These companies don’t want to put their reputation into question due to minor irregularities about withdrawal.

Deposit and Withdrawal

There are many ways today to make deposit on a bookmaker account. In our reviews we have presented in tabular format some basic information about limits and processing time for money transactions. We will show here one of examples that doesn’t differ too much from bookie to bookie.

Basic banking methods are always available but having PayPal is definitely a great plus for a bookmaker these days.

Deposit and Withdraw Options

User Support

Modern consumer society cannot be imagined without user support. Gambling industry is not exception and good user support is highly appreciated. Most bookmakers have in advance prepared online form for e-mail communication, which is bare minimum in the industry. Bookmakers which offer live-chat are far more appreciated, as this is the most popular contact method at the moment.

It is important to establish what are working hours of live chat as very few bookies maintain 24/7 support. If the live chat is available in several languages than the bookmaker can earn the maximal mark in this segment.

Mere availability is not as important as the reaction time. It is highly valued parameter as no one wants to wait for hours to his inquiry get answered or problem resolved.


This parameter is the most subjective of all. Some players will find particular webpage layout attractive but others will consider it simply distasteful. What should be important is the right colour contrast that doesn’t cause eye strain. Serious player will spend hours in front of computer screen checking results and putting bets. Besides colour choice it is important that menu organisation is simple to use and visible.

Bet slip should be visibly distinctive from the rest of webpage.

A lot of attention is paid on mobile access, regardless is it optimisation of the site or applications that works on both popular platforms. Growing number of bookmakers has adjusted their site for use while on move, as today’s daily rhythm doesn’t leave much time for focused sitting at one place. That is left for serious players who in that way try to earn as much as possible.

It is important that mobile version of the site has as many as possible functions like standard webpage, as it makes navigation easier. The app should be fast, organised and with appropriate graphic layout. That is minimum that satisfy basic player needs.

Match Previews

We will go back on match previews as we have said in part of text that covers odds that there is small number of readers who perceived them in a wrong way

Match previews are free of charge and strictly informative texts. Out team collects needed information and statistic data, and present them to readers in form of text. In accordance with presented information the team recommend at the end of each text a bookmaker which offers the best odds for the recommended outcome of selected match.

Suggested picks should be used for single bets only if they correlate with your opinion. Objective of the exercise is not to forecast victory of an absolute favourite but to present interesting information about each attractive sport event and point at the best odds for the most likely outcome at the moment.


Bookmakers’ reviews are undertaken with goal to categorise them i.e. to separate good from mediocre. We have outlined several basic parameters that attention should be paid to. We try to stay maximally objective while doing so although it is not always easy.

We recommend reading of this text before registration and chose bookmaker that is the most suitable to your betting strategy by your criteria. We will stress once again that is not a bad idea to have open accounts with 3-4 bookmakers, regardless that you prefer just one. Many information stated in our reviews are of time limited nature and subject to changes, which is why we apologise in advance if some of them are not correct.