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Bundesliga 2018/19 Preview

Unlike previous seasons when the Bundesliga started after good results of the national team made at a major competition this time everything is different. The Mannschaft totally underperformed at the World Cup in Russia. The Germans expected a lot and perhaps that is reason why the Bundesliga starts the last this season out of four strongest European leagues. Famous HSV is not any more in the first division. When we grouped the teams depending what they can achieve in the new season both those who were promoted to the Bundesliga are in group of teams that will fight to survive, although last year neither of two new Bundesliga teams was relegated. There will be six teams in the group that objectively has the weakest teams, six teams are in group that should end around mid-table although some of them might face problems but some of them can also punch above their weight and join the race for European positions. Regarding the strongest group, the strongest and perhaps the only candidate for the title is the reigning champion from Munich. We expect a great battle below Bayern for positions that lead to the Champions and Europa leagues. When we take a look at all three groups, each six teams strong, it becomes clear that we expect nothing new in the Bundesliga this season. Roughly the same teams have the same objectives like last year, except for two new Bundesliga members.

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