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In this part of our gambling portal, you can find actual announcements for four most important European leagues: German Bundesliga, English Premier League, Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga.

In every season-preview you can find teams divided in three groups: candidates for a relegation, clubs from the middle of the table and candidates for winning the champion title and international competitions. The group of the candidates for relegation to the lower rank consists of all those teams whose first ranked status is endangered from the very first round and mostly because of their very law budget, bad coach or simply because of not very good players. In the group middle of the table, we ranked teams that will not have anything to do with a fight for survival but also, they will not be fighting for the title or some of the international positions, in any moment of the season. In the strongest group there are teams who aspire for the champions title or at least one of the international positions on the table.

Ever team has been thoroughly analyzed: players who left/arrived at the club, coach and play-tactics. Besides that, we also offer you probable starting lineups and also the forecast for new season 2018/2019. We concentrated to these four most important European leagues because every football fan, or even betting enthusiast, follows, watch and bets on exactly these four big leagues.

To all of our readers, we wish you successful betting season, and here we will also introduce you to our Top 4 online-betting!!!

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