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Greece vs Estonia 18.11.2018. – League of Nations

Greece vs Estonia / League of Nations – This duel will not have any big importance, because everything is resolved in the League of Nations “C”, before the last round. Greece wanted to fight for the first place, but that will not happen and their only comfort is the second place. Estonia has long lost all odds and they remain in the last place, which means they are leaving the League of Nations “C”. They have won only one point won in five rounds, while Greece has four, but they cannot reach Finland because of the weaker mutual score. In the first mutual match, Greece has defeated Estonia with 1-0.

Greece vs Estonia begins 18.11.2018 at 20:45 CET


In the end, the Greeks were ruled by the last round’s match when the welcomed the leader Finland. They had six points less than them, but they could have won the first place if they managed to celebrate somewhat more convincing. Two rounds ago, they were defeated by Finland with 2-0 and that was a big problem because they needed equal, or more persuasive victory to continue their hopes. They celebrated a few days ago with insufficient 1-0 and that has ended their last hope for the first place.

Even if they celebrated more convincingly, nothing would be in the hands of Greece again, given that they would wait for Finland to lose in Hungary and they would have to overcome Estonia. It would probably be an easier task, but they are now playing only for prestige. Their new coach Anastasiaidis has started with a difficult victory, though they took the lead already in the middle of the first half. They have performed with a roughly expected composition in which we now expect changes, especially because of Manolas' injury.

Probable lineups Greece: Vlachodimos – Bakakis, Sokratis, Siovas, Giannoulis – Samaris, Kourbelis – Masouras, Mantolas, Basaketas – Karelis


The Estonians have not benefited from the victory in the League of Nations and they were only passers-by. It can also be said that it was expected, with the proviso that they still need to win more points. They have started with three defeats, although it is very important to point out that those were all defeats with 1-0 score and no one has completely outplayed them. In the first round, they were defeated by Greece, after which they lost twice in Finland, and there was hope. They only managed to play a draw with Hungary, and that was their only point so far.

It was a strange match in which they took the lead, then received two goals and then received two, so it was 3-3 in the end. It was the only match in which they scored goals in the first four rounds, because they lost with 2-0 in Hungary a few days ago. That was the worst defeat so far which has also confirmed their elimination from League of Nations “C”. Center-back Baranov returns after his suspension, while striker He.Aniera will not be in the team due to yellow cards.

Probable lineups Estonia: Aksalu – Teniste, Baranov, Tamm, Pikk – A.Dimitrijev, Antonov – Luts, Vassilijev, Ojamaa – Purje

Greece vs Estonia PICK

The Greeks are certainly disappointed because they have lost their chance for the first place and are looking for a consolation in this victory. Estonia has proved to be a very tough nut and we expect them to provide a good resistance in this match that will not bring a lot of goals.

Pick: under 2.5 goals

Stake: 5/10

Odds: 1.70 at pinnacle (down to 1.60 can be played)

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