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Review of: MyBet

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On 20/01/2014
Last modified:03/04/2017


Mybet is a former betting exchange from Germany, but now operating for couple of years as a standalone sportsbook. High security, solid limits and a good bonus are the main arguments here.

Mybet is well known to those who are longer in the bookmaking business. The company is a financial holding and is listed at the German stock exchange, which certainly provides additional seriousness as these companies have a lot more obligations toward the state then others. For many years mybet has been considered as a very serious company in the gaming industry.

Many fans of sports betting knows mybet through the traditional business model of online sports betting, as mybet has a large number of branch offices in Europe. The company focuses primarily on the European market, but it doesn't mean it is not represented and active in other continents.

Mybet Welcome Bonuses

mybet bonus is the absolute top but only because we have negotiated hard and for a long time. At the end we managed instead of usual 25% of the deposit and up to £ 50 to get a special and exclusive bonus, which is 100% of the deposit and up to €100.

The requirement for collection of the bonus is truly simple. The first deposit and bonus must be staked five times on one or more sports bets with a minimum odd of 2.00 within 60 days. This refers to the welcome-bonus offer, which proved to be very popular.

Other promotions and bonuses at mybet

Mybet is really ingenious and creative here, as it always offers special actions and bonuses for existing customers. We have to mention several examples.

Special action 11 Jackpot is very popular and copies the classic Toto to a degree. At this special promotion a punter place a stake with a minimum deposit of £ 1GBP on 11 matches chosen from any of three biggest European football leagues; Premier League, La Liga or Bundesliga, and if the 11-fold is placed correctly then he wins the jackpot, which grows each week for £500 while its minimum amount is £1000.

Another very popular bonus is Sunday Live Mania, where a refund is offered on the first live bet, of course, only if the first bet is lost. There are many other special actions, such as 100% bonus on big slips. Simply said, it must be admitted that it pays off to regularly check which actions mybet currently offers.

Deposits and Cashier

Mybet accepts almost every kind of payment method including: credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), PayPal, Paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill/Moneybookers, Ukash, TrustPay, QIWI, Giropay, Sofortuberweisung and bank transfer.

Mybet, of course, offers the matching methods of payment. The introduction of PayPal had made?? mybet one of best service providers in Europe, as very few other bookmakers offer PayPal.

Betting Offers

Mybet has a relatively wide range of offers as it is a bookmaker who covers most of countries. Betting offer is not ridiculously deep, so no fourth or fifth league is offered. There are many special bets on every major sporting event. Asian Handicap is not offered at the first glance but if we look more carefully we can find it under name Money Back on Draw (H2H). This is actually the classic Asian Handicap 0 but under a different name, as mybet is focused on the European market and not the Asian.

Live betting is also present in wide varieties. In this area mybet joined to what is now the classical trend, offering a large number of events for live betting. Lot of special bets is offered for the live betting, which corresponds to the offer from all other major bookmakers.

Other Special Features

In our opinion, mybet can be recommended to each and every player as it is a very reputable company with very good odds. More precisely, the odd level is surprisingly high as most other big bookmakers offer much lower odds but mybet is totally different in this matter.

So, if you are looking for a very good odd, accompanied with a good offer, you're in the right place at mybet. The mobile version hadn’t been up-to-date until a few days ago but mybet has improved in the area. In addition to sports betting, there are poker, casino and other games, so no player will miss anything at mybet.

We shouldn’t forget that mybet is one of few betting companies founded in Germany, who still has its head office in Germany. This provides mybet with the additional level of seriousness and confidence.


Mybet offers one of the best bonuses for new customers and PayPal as a payment method. In addition to good bonus, it must be said that mybet has a very wide offer, and on top of it its head office is located in Germany and the company is public listed, so under a tough control when it comes to your hard earned dollars and euros.


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