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Andreescu vs Williams 07.09.2019 – WTA US Open

WTA US Open/Andreescu vs Williams – B. Andreescu and S. Williams will play in the final of the women’s singles of the US Open. It was fully expected that the American reaches her 10th final of the US Open, while the Canadian is a surprise given that this is by far the best result she has ever made at Grand Slam tournaments.

Match Andreescu vs Williams begins 07.09.2019 at 22:00 CET

B. Andreescu

Andreescu is 19-years old Canadian player who played only four matches at Grand Slam tournaments so far in her career and out of them she won two and lost two. This is the first time ever that she plays at the US Open and she has already reached the final from the first attempt. Now, it depends from her performances against S. Williams will she win the title or not.

This is the best season for Andreescu in her career. She has won two WTA titles this year and she did so at Masters in Indian Wells and Toronto. Her win/loss ratio of 38-4 illustrates the best her form this season before the US Open. Besides the above mentioned titles the Canadian played number of good tournaments in which she reached either the finals or semi-finals. It is clear that she is in a great shape and S. Williams should take her seriously.

S. Williams

Williams reached without much trouble her 10th final of the US Open. The American won six of the ten finals, while last year N. Osaka defeated her in the final. For the bigger part of this season Williams didn’t seem overly self-confident, and the best proof of this is fact that she hasn’t won a single title this year.

Williams totally outplayed E. Svitolina 6-3, 6-1 in the semi-finals and the result says enough about the American’s dominance which is especially true for the second set. Svitolina was a fairly equal opponent in the first set and she had her chances to make breaks, but she didn’t put any of them in a good use. After losing the first set she totally fell apart and it wasn’t difficult for Williams to conclude the match in her advantage.

Betting Pick: Andreescu vs Williams

The two players recently met for the first time at WTA Tour and that happened in the final of tournament in Toronto. Williams had retire then after only four games but the situation is now totally different as Williams seems fully recovered but she will be under much stronger pressure, something which she handles with more and more difficulties recently. There is no doubt that everyone expect from Williams to win the title, however, she is about to face young and unpredictable player who plays excellently this season. That is why we believe that the final will not be an easy stroll for Williams and we have opted to play on counter handicap in number of won games.

Pick: Andreescu +5 games

Stake: 5/10

Odds: 1.51 at pinnacle (down to 1.47 can be played)

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