Beside the fact that in many countries betting is all about football/soccer there are of course also other great sports, especially many of them being very good for some betting approaches. In some countries like the UK, there is also a big betting focus on horse racing of rugby for example and in Canada and USA you get much more basketball, American football and of course ice hockey into the betting mix. We hope we can cover all the sports with a solid livescore.

Ice HockeyIce Hockey from all around the globe. Many people watch it just to see the fights, but if you are looking for the results, this is the perfect match.
TennisATP, WTA and Challengers, all in one livescore. Worldwide is tennis number two when it comes to betting, so scores are of course an important thing.
BasketballOf course all about the NBA, but there are so many good and interesting basketball leagues out there.
HandballHandball is very popular in Europe and is very interesting to watch and tough game!
American FootballAmerican Football is getting global since more and more people watch all the show and the great games.
RugbyRugby might not be the biggest sport, but in some countries it is huge AND it is absolutely interesting to watch!
VolleyballA great sport. The livescore is covering all big leagues and tournaments.