A. Murray vs N. Djokovic 07.01.2017 – ATP Doha

Murray vs. Djokovic / ATP Doha The first match between A. Murray and N. Djokovic will take place in the final of tournament in Doha. Djokovic is the title defender as he defeated R. Nadal in last year’s final but having in mind his form from the end of previous season we can hardly call him favourite in this match. Murray expectedly defeated T. Berdych in the semi-final, while Djokovic struggled to outplay F. Verdasco. Begins: 07.01.2017 – 16:00 CET

A. Murray

World’s no. 1, Briton A. Murray has started the new season in the right way and will play in the final of Doha ATP, after which will regardless of the outcome, increase his point advantage over the second ranked player who is Djokovic. We must say that Murray had several critical moments at this tournament, when he struggled to defeat much weaker players than he is. It can be assumed that those moment were just lack of adequate motivation and partial underestimation of opponents, given we know that Murray is the best player in the world in last six months.

Berdych had felt it first-hand, who was defeated in the semi-final 6-3, 6-4. Murray had a good start of the match and after he make advantage of one break it was clear that no surprises will take place that night. It is important to say that Berdych had no chance for break in the first set, while on the other hand he had to save his service game three times. In the second set the situation was a bit different. Berdych was the first one who threatened with break but he failed to materialise the threat. After that Murray took over the control over the match and won the match without dropping a set.

N. Djokovic

Just like previous season Djokovic started the season with tournament in Doha, where he won his first title in the year that is behind us. Djokovic was in top form in those days and even R. Nadal couldn’t put up a meaningful resistance in the final. Second part of season had brought many problems to Djokovic and the time will show has he made adequate preparation and regain the top form, and by that how much is he ready for battle for the first position in the ATP rank list.

Semi-final match against Verdasco has showed that Nole still has problems with service, which is especially related to service games when he need to confirm just gained break. It is visible that easily lost service games frustrate Djokovic, which reflects on his concentration later in the match. We had seen one such situation in the semi-final match against Verdasco when Nole, after a break, lost two service games in a row without winning a single point. Verdasco didn’t use even five match points in this match, while Djokovic deserves congratulation for stubbornness and ability to turn the result up-side down in critical moments.

A. Murray – N. Djokovic PICK

Head-to-head score between the two players is by far on N. Djokovic side (24-11). The two player met the last time in the final of ATP World Tour Finals and Murray won 6-3, 6-4. Djokovic used to have great psychological advantage over Murray but the current situation is the opposite. There is no doubt that Nole will give his best to defend the title but we believe he is still far from form needed to defeat Murray.

Pick: Murray wins

Stake: 5/10

Odds: 1.77 at unibet (down to 1.71 can be played)