M. Cilic vs J.M. Del Potro 27.11.2016 – Davis Cup

Cilic vs. Del Potro / Davis Cup – On the first day of the final of Davis Cup both favourites deservedly won and brought by one point to their national teams. In the first match Cilic much harder than expected won Delbonis, while Del Potro expectedly beaten I. Karlovic. Begins: 27.11.2016 – 14:00 CET

M. Cilic

Cilic was regarded as great favourite of the first final match against F. Delbonis. After initial nervousness on both sided the Croat slowly established dominance and made a lead of 2-0 in games. In those moments everyone expected his express victory without lost set, which would leave him enough energy for coming matches. However, in the seventh game of the third set the Croat dropped two break points that could have bring expected easy victory, and soon after that he lost his service game which puts Delbonis back in race.

In those moments Cilic was in total disarray. First service, his strong side, was in shambles which the Argentinian knew how to use to equalise the result 2-2 in sets. However, in the decisive, fifth set, Cilic pulled himself together and with two breaks made the first, very important, victory that brought one important point to his team. Statistically, Cilic’s first service was better, especially in first two sets, and on top of it he made 17 aces.

J.M. Del Potro

Del Potro, being the first player of the Argentinian national team, has fulfilled expectations and after four sets he equalised the overall result at 1-1. It was expectedly long match, with larger number of games given that both players were excellent servers. The Argentinian was better in the first part of match, who used well Karlovic’s initial nervousness. In the first game Del Potro made a break, and he maintained the advantage by the end of set.

In the second set both players were totally equal and two only unused break points were Del Potro’s. Winner of the second set was decided in the tie-break in which Del Potro didn’t materialise two break points after which he lost point on his service, which was enough for Karlovic to equalise the result. After that the Argentinian made by one break in next two sets which was enough to win the match, given that Karlovic was almost harmless in Del Potro’s service games. How much the whole match was based on first service is best illustrated by ratio of aces, which was 35-15 for Karlovic.

M. Cilic – J.M. Del Potro PICK

Out of eight previous head-to-head between the two players Del Potro was significantly more successful as he won six of them, while Cilic had an upper hand only two times. They met the last time in 2013 at the Masters in Paris and the Argentinian won 6-4, 7-6. Other matches were played long time ago and are not so relevant for this one. Regardless of Cilic’s better rating and home-ground advantage we think that Del Potro has left a much better impression, and will be more rested which is why we give advantage in this match to him.

Pick: Del Potro wins

Stake: 5/10

Odds: 1.53 at betvictor (down to 1.50 can be played)