Serie-AItalian Serie A starts this year a little earlier than usual (20th August), so at the very end of the transfer period we certainly expect from them several important transfers, especially when it comes to teams that are traditionally struggling to be in the top. However, the “Old Lady” from Turin was absolutely dominant in the last five years, so we highly doubt that anyone can throw them off the throne, but this time, together with Napoli, Roma and Fiorentina, we finally expect the duo from Milan in the fight for the Champions League, which got a fresh capital from the East, while we conclude that group of teams that should fight for the top with the Roman Lazio, which last year failed completely.

On the other hand, positive surprises were Torino, Chievo and Empoli, but we nevertheless decided to put these last two teams in the most vulnerable group, because they lost several key players during the summer, while a similar situation happened to Sassuolo, and therefore we give them very little chance for European positions. Otherwise, we have in the second Seeding group, besides Sassuolo, placed six teams, which includes those that should eventually end up in the middle of the table, while that most vulnerable group has six teams, including all three new Premier League members.