Premier-LeagueBehind us is one of most wonderful Premier League seasons, given that at the end Leicester won its first ever title, while at the same time title defender Chelsea ended at mere 10th position. Besides, favoured due from Manchester had fought in the very finish for only the fourth place, the last one that leads to the Champions League, and in the end it was Manchester City that succeeded, while for example famous Liverpool ended as eight and therefore we will not see it in European competitions. Remaining two positions that lead to the Champions League were occupied by Arsenal and Tottenham, while besides Manchester United in the Europa League will also play Southampton and West Ham. Because of all this it was no wonder that during summer transfer window almost all rich English teams have undergone major changes, both in terms of players and coaches, which suggests that ahead of us could be one of most interesting and uncertain seasons in the Premiership history. The season starts on 13 August with a match between returnee in the league Hull and reigning champion Leicester.

In order to familiarise you with current situation in 20 Premiership teams we have again prepared detail analysis for each team, with special focus on what they have done during the summer transfer window that is not over yet and traditionally brings several sensational transfers in its very finish. Regardless of that we have already formed three groups of teams and divided them into those which will struggle to survive, those which are supposed to be positioned around the golden mean, and at the end into those which should fight for the title and/or positions that lead into European competitions.