La-LigaWe are again announcing Spanish La Liga as a league that gives the winners of both European competitions and according to that we can say that this is the strongest league in Europe. True, more money is spent in England, but the results are the measure, and therefore we are anxiously awaiting the new edition of La Liga, which will again offer a big fight on all fields. Just like before, we have decided to divide 20 teams from this league into three groups, first those who will be fighting for survival, than those that will probably avoid this fight and be in the middle with the ability to eventually fight for the European positions and finally those that are aiming for the championship title, or placement in the Champions League. We will not reveal anything new when we make the division and that is quite realistic, but there are always some positive surprises, just like Villarreal and Celta were last season, or negative, such as Valencia.

Three new Premiership clubs are certainly candidates for the lower rank, because their budget dictates it and objective quality, while we also in this group included four teams that last season struggled for survival and eventually ended up in the lower part. We have in a similar way determined the candidates for the middle of the table and there will also be seven teams, which should not get eliminated, although it is possible that some of them face certain problems, or that they make things harder for the six teams that we have designated as candidates for the championship title and international places. Of course, we should again emphasize that only three teams are objectively able to reach the league title, while the remaining three are fighting for the fourth place that leads to the Champions League and if they fail to do so, they must contend with Europa League.