Germany vs Spain 31.01.2016 – EHF Euro 2016 (final)

Germany vs. Spain / EHF Euro 2016 (final) – Final match of this European championship will play two teams who have started their odyssey in Poland with head-to-head in the first group phase. No one guessed then that the last match of this championship will play German and Spain, which is especially true for Germany who is here without several very important players. It cannot be said for the Spaniards that weren’t expected in the final, but they were not the biggest favourites but at the end they somehow easily reached the match for gold. On the other hand the Germans played a series of difficult and dramatic matches, including extra time in the semi-final, while Spain outplayed no one and its highest victory was the semi-final one. Their first match here ended with Spain’s victory 32-29, while during qualifications both teams won by once. Begins: 31.01.2016 – 17:30 CET


At the end the Germans will turn to be the biggest story of this championship regardless how the final will end. In it, like in majority of matches here in Poland, they are outsiders. They got accustomed with that role that was assigned to them before the championship start given that Germany didn’t make a significant result for years and especially due to fact that have huge problems with injuries. Those problems continue to plague them during the competition, however, it didn’t stop the Germans and it perhaps was an additional motive which is why are in the final, the first one after 10 years when they won gold at the World Championship in Germany.

They won European gold in 2004 but the team were then one of favourites, while now in it are players whose time is yet to come. Semi-final against Norway was another business as usual for Germany at this championship and that means lot of ups-and-downs during the match and they cleverly played end of match, in which they had a bit more luck but the victory was fully deserved. Right wing Richmann didn’t miss out of 10 shoots, but the key role had perimeter players who were there as replacements for injured starters, and those are Kuhn and Hafner. It turns out that Germany has more good players then they taught so and therefore they have right to hope for gold.

Probable lineups Germany: Wolff, Dahmke, Fath, Strobel, Wiede, Reichmann, Pekeler


Spain has three silvers from European championship but not gold and it can be freely said that is their golden opportunity, which will not come again anytime soon. The way how Spain reached the final was so simple, up to the point that the whole tournament seems like a series of friendly matches where the Spaniards play only good but opponents are those who always underperform and so victories come one after another. The only match where Spain faced serious and motivated opponent ended with Spain defeat, and that was at the beginning of the second phase against Denmark. There were other weakly played matches when they won or draw after suspense endings, although end results didn’t always reflect that.

Introductory victory over Germany with three goals was the most solid one, up to the semi-final when they won Croatia with four goals, 33-29. However, it was not an easy win and at the beginning of the match it seemed that will not be able to save themselves but again, the opponent helped them with numerous errors. In the Spanish team are standardly good Rivera and Aginaglade, but that time they had good support from Tomas and especially Garcia Robled, which was enough. They are favourites in this final, but they should play better to win.

Probable lineups Spain: Sterbik, Rivera, Garcia Robledo, R. Entrerrios, Maqueda, Tomas, Aginagalde

Germany – Spain PICK

Tired and decimated Germany is in final and players certainly have great desire to win one more match, but the Spaniards have a strange rhythm here at the championship that is usually unsolvable enigma for their opponents. Germany felt it on its skin at the beginning of the championship when they fought good and perhaps they do that again, however, we believe that the Spaniards will win the gold.

Pick: Spain -1.5

Stake: 6/10

Odds: 1.60 at bwin (down to 1.55 can be played)