Football Livescores – different from many other sites, we don’t believe that we can do everything better. In some cases, it is much smarter and better to show the customer what is available beside the own offer and this is exactly what we are doing when it comes to livescores. We will list different solutions and explain what the advantages or problems are for every single of these solutions. The thing we were looking for was to make it possible to view all of them on our site instead of switching between sites all the time.

SPBOSPBO is one of the classic Asian livescores with all the good and the bad stuff. The number of matches is great, but sometimes you can get lost in all the blinky.
7m.cnSurely THE classic from Asia. Unbelievable range of matches and overall still a solid look and feel. Goal alerts and the possibility to exclude single matches are making 7m a good choice.
ScoresProNot always the fastest livescores, but a "classic" with a good overview.
FlashscoreGood speed of scores AND surely the best livescore if you are looking for a good usability and overview.
NowGoalThe Asian livescore that we prefer. Solid overview, great range of matches and a lot of extras. Don't go the original site as there is a huge number of banner causing braindead.