Anaheim Ducks vs Detroit Red Wings 05.01.2017. – NHL

Anaheim Ducks vs. Detroit Red Wings / NHL – Even though they are playing quite unpredictable this season, Anaheim is still at the top of the Western Conference. They are currently in fourth position with just five points less than the first Chicago. Detroit plays much weaker than the Ducks and they are only 13th in the Eastern conference. However, both teams have made three defeats and two wins in the last five matches. Begins: 05.01.2017. – 04:30 CET

Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim has disappoint their fans last season. They played very well during the championship, but at the end of the regular part of the championship, they finished in fourth place. In the playoffs, they were eliminated in the first round by Nashville, although they had the advantage of 3:2 in the series. It was a failure for the Ducks and they want to make a better result this season. But it was noticeable already at the start of the season that Anaheim has not much strengthened their team, even though they brought some good players. In the first four rounds, they have experienced as many losses. Although they fixed their game in the rest of the season, but it was not at the level of last year. Anaheim has during the season played by the system of hot and cold.

They failed to make a winning series that would bring them closer to the leading teams. However, this season in NHL is quite equal and no team has managed to single out. The first-ranked Chicago is currently in a crisis, and their closest companions have taken advantage of that to further reduce their scoring advantage. Late last month the players of Anaheim suffered three defeats in a row. After that they played a little better, and achieved two victories in the next three matches. First they won against Calgary at home, while they in their last game in 2016, lost to Vancouver away. In the last round, they celebrated at home after scoring a penalty against Philadelphia.

Detroit Red Wings

Detroit has last season barely qualified for the playoffs and that was in the last round. In the season finale, they led a fierce battle for the eighth position that led to the playoffs and eventually managed to be ahead of Boston. But this year, they are playing weak and they will hardly manage to fight for the playoffs again. We already have seven points behind the eighth Boston and if they do not improve their game in the rest of the championship, they could after just half a season say goodbye to the fight for the playoffs. It would certainly be a big disappointment for all the fans of Detroit who hoped to watch their team this year in the playoffs.

In 37 games played, they recorded 16 wins and 21 loss. It is interesting that they play better away than at home. They are by far the weakest home team in their conference. Detroit has played the best at the start of the season when they in the first eight games recorded six wins. But they also played very poorly and therefore are also on the 13th place in the standings. In the last four rounds, they recorded a half success. First they were better than Florida as guests, while they lost to Buffalo at home. Then they again achieved a victory away, this time against Ottawa. In the last round they lost to Toronto after extra time, and that match was also played away.

Anaheim Ducks vs. Detroit Red Wings PICK

Unlike the team of Detroit, Anaheim plays much better at home. In the last six home games, they have experienced just one defeat and that was by the Sharks after extra time. In the last five matches, the Ducks have played four overtimes. We believe that they are a much better team than Detroit and that they should record a victory in this round.

Pick: Anaheim Ducks win

Stake: 6/10

Odds: 1. 87 at betsson (down to 1.80 can be played)