1.FC Nuremberg vs 1.FC Kaiserslautern 19.12.2016. – 2.Bundesliga

1.FC Nuremberg vs. 1.FC Kaiserslautern / 2.Bundesliga – Both teams achieved results this season that were below expectations, and this especially applies to K'lautern, which is closer to the relegation zone and they have three points less than the host, which is in the middle of the table before this round, but they were before the start of the championship announcing struggle for survival. Nuremberg is still hoping that they can reach at least the third position which is only six points away before this round, while K'lautern has the same number of points more than the relegation zone. It is interesting that K'lautern is in a series of seven matches without defeat, with the proviso that they in the last four duels played a draw, while Nuremberg in the last round celebrated after matches without a win. Last season, Nuremberg solved both mutual duels in its favour, first at home with 2-1, and then away with convincing 3-0. Begins: 19.12.2016. – 20:15 CET

1.FC Nuremberg

Nuremberg has an average season, but we can say that it is now well in relation to the very beginning, when this team has catastrophically bad, and in the first six rounds failed one win. It started with two draws but continued with four defeats and then they finally played a little better but was followed by four wins and a total of seven consecutive games without defeat, which he led from the bottom to the middle of the table. They are lately playing very changeable and they have again suffered two defeats in a row, with the proviso that the one against Stuttgart is expected, while the home defeat against Sandhausen definitely is not when we add all up, Nuremberg plays much better at home, where they already have four wins .

They have with Stuttgart won the most points away from home and now it is high time that they play better in front of their fans. After the aforementioned defeat to Sandhausen, it was perhaps expected that coach Schwartz will make a number of changes, but he made only two and center-back Hovland and offensive player Salli ended up on the bench. It turned out well, because they defeated Fortuna in Dusseldorf in the last round with 2-0 and therefore now the same composition should play in this match.

Probable lineups 1.FC Nuremberg: Kirschbaum – Brecko, Margreitter, Bulthuis, Sepsi – Petrak – Behrens, Kempe, Mohwald, G.Burgstaller – Matavz

1.FC Kaiserslautern

K'lautern has poor performance this season, but they are still first in something in the league, and that is the number of draws this season. They have played a draw as many as seven times, and now they are in a series of four draws and three victories. They are among the least effective teams in the league and accordingly they played 0-0 in all three previous draws. Particularly interesting is that they are in the bottom of the table, and K'lautern's defence is one of the two most successful with an average of less than one goal per game. They have scored only three goals away, and this is their worst performance in the league, but only eight received is one of the best effects and it is also interesting to say that they played 0-0 five times already and that they in all five defeats so far remained without a goal scored, while all four victories achieved without any goals received.

It can be said that they are the most interesting team for the statisticians, but it does not worth much when they have bad placement and the first three positions are very far away. Coach Korkut is trying to improve the game with some changes, but he is having problems with injuries for which he cannot count on center-back Ewerton, midfielder Kerk and striker Przybylko, while defensive midfielder Ziegler has no right to perform due to suspension.

Probable lineups 1.FC Kaiserslautern: Pollersbeck – Mwene, R.Koch, Heubach, Gaus – Moritz, Ring – D.Halfar, Stieber, Zoua – Osawe

1.FC Nuremberg vs. 1.FC Kaiserslautern PICK

Nuremberg is expected to finally play better at home and this is a good opportunity, because K'lautern has poor performance at home and it seems that it is the most important to achieve a goal against this team, which is usually sufficient for the victory. Nuremberg is certainly able to do so, and therefore we predict a triumph of the host.

Pick: Nuremberg wins

Stake: 5/10

Odds: 1.95 at bet365 (down to 1.85 can be played)